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 Post subject: Vaccinations
PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:34 am 

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I am just curious as to how many people are still vaccinating their dogs on a yearly basis? Last year I decided to go ahead and do the titer tests for Yogi and his levels were very good so we decided not to vaccinate him at that time. However, we did have to give him his three year rabies shot and he got a HUGE lump where the shot was given! That is the first time that has ever happened with any of my dogs. I was really upset about it.
Eventually most of the lump disappeared but he does still have a small lump there which does concern me. I have serious reservations about getting his next rabies shot. I saw where they are doing a study to see if they can prove the rabies shot lasts five to seven years or more. I think that would be great if they can prove it. I think a lot of the problems we are having with our dogs today go back to the vaccines and I am really pleased to see that a lot of vets are changing their minds about how often to do this to our dogs. I still take Yogi to the vet every year for a check up even though he isn't getting the vaccines and we will check his titers again to make sure his levels are still good.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 8:20 am 
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All my dogs get yearly Rabies as well as yearly 8-way boosters.

Depending where you live in the country, a 3 year rabies shot may not be accepted. Where I live, a yearly rabies is required with proof from a vet.

My dogs go to the woods so a booster shot is needed yearly.

I vaccinate all my dogs except for the Rabies shot as I have the vet do it as it is required. I actually buy my booster shots from her and keep on hand here at the house.

Here is info on shot knots:

Shot Knots

A “shot knot” is a localized swelling arising in the area of an injection or vaccination. It is an inflammatory reaction in the tissues that can also involve a bacterial infection. These knots vary in size and can be difficult and time consuming to resolve. Many factors can contribute to this reaction and include improper injection technique and contaminated equipment. Following is a list of suggestions for reducing these reactions.

Always use a new, sterile syringe and needle for each vaccination. Avoid the back of the neck for injections – this area has thicker skin and more of a fibrous sheath around the muscles. Accidental injections in the skin layers or muscle sheath will result in more reactions. A better injection site would be over the back or rib cage. Be sure the injection goes under the skin (subcutaneously). Injections made too shallow (into the skin layer itself) or too deep (into the muscle layer below or the sheath that encloses the muscle) will often result in an inflammatory reaction.

Procedure: Pick up a loose fold of skin forming a “tent”. Insert the needle through the skin into the space formed under the “tent” (being careful not to go too shallow or too deep). Retract the plunger before injecting to check for blood entering the needle hub (indicating a vein was entered by mistake). Slowly inject the vaccine. Remove and discard the needle (in an approved “Sharps Container”) and syringe. Gently massage the area after injection to facilitate spreading and absorption of the vaccine.

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