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 Post subject: Odd seperation anxiety
PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:16 pm 

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I have a 7 month old female Bassett named Poppy.

I've owned dogs before but this is my first Basset and she's very different in her behaviours to any other dog I've ever known.

In terms of toilet training she goes to the backdoor and looks out of it when she needs to go (most of the time anyway). When we go to bed at night she settles down and goes to sleep and when we go to work she's fine, unless we're a little late in which case she starts whining. The neighbour says she knows the exact time we usually come home, I was thinking of taking all the clocks down in the house :D .

We have a baby gate at the top of our stairs which is for my 2 year old boy but also because we don't want Poppy upstairs (yet) due to toilet training issues, stealing our boy's toys etc. The baby gate and stairs issue is causing huge problems. As sson as she hears someone going up the stairs no matter what she's doing she'll run to the stairs and follow them up. If the baby gate is shut she whines even though she can still see you and there is only a few inches between you and her. The same for just going to put the rubbish out, I will be gone for 30 seconds at the most but as soon as the door shuts behind me she starts howling.

She also has some strange toilet habits, most of the time we'll leave the back door open for her to come and go as she pleases but sometimes she decides to go somewhere in the house. For example today she was laid downstairs for a long time with the back door open, I went upstairs she followed me up and wee'd on the carpet.

One of the solutions we thought about was getting a second dog so that she has a companion for when we aren't there but there are conflicting messages on this some say it makes the problem worse others say it helps. She seems to be a very pack orientated dog which would make sense to get her a companion but I don't want to be left with double the problem if it doesn't work.

Any advice at all would really help, my neighbours are starting to be very annoyed and her behaviours so erratic we worry about doing anything slightly out of our normal routine because it may set her off with her howling.

Owner of 'Poppy' a lemon and white Basset who was born on 15 December 2007.

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