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 Post subject: A lot of questions
PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:17 pm 

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I hope I'm not being a pest with this post, I just really want to be prepared. I am also google searching to find my answers as well, but I figure who better to ask than people who own bassets.

Anyway, I'm getting a purebred basset female soon, she is still a puppy and I've never had one before. I also have two male dogs, rat terriers, who should get along with a third addition.

The ratties are age 1 and 5 and they eat Orijen, the original adult formula and are potty pad trained for when they can't get outside. I work from home so during the day they get to go in our backyard, but we keep the potty pads down for bedtime and if i need to run errands.

Anyway, here are a few of my questions:
1. How big do bassets get, in general?
2. Can they be potty pad trained?
3. Is there anything in particular I should know about for training, behavior, personality, etc?
4. At what age/weight do they need to start eating adult food and not puppy food?
5. Would Orijen be okay? (it's the best kibble on the market, but it's very high protein and not all dogs handle it as well - my ratties do perfect on it)
6. Any tips?

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 Post subject: Re: A lot of questions
PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:20 pm 

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1 Females vary from about 35lbs to 65lbs.. but those are extremes, and they are usually between 40 and 50lbs, full grown. They are short but heavy.

2 yes, the easiest dog we have had to potty train was a basset, but in general they can be a bit stubborn and can take a little longer to train than other breeds.

3 Many dog have a natural desire to please their human, bassets don't. They want food, love, and attention. They often do not respond well to punishment training, but usually respond very well to reward training.

4 While short, bassets are the largest boned dog for their size and should be on large breed puppy food. Too high a calorie content, like what is needed for small breed puppies, can make them grow too fast, which is bad for their joints. Some bassets do not reach full maturity until 2 years of age. Putting them a good quality adult food early will not hurt them, and while it may slow their growth, that is really a good thing. We moved ours to adult food at 4 months.

5 Orijen is excellent food, 38% protein, but not sure if it would be proper for them as their large breed puppy food is 410 calories per cup, and their adult food has 460 calories per cup. For large breed puppies you I've generally been told 350 to 400 calories per cup is correct. Even their senior food is 395 calories per cup. Of course if you limit their food intake by the calories they need. But if you decide to use Orijen, I would definitely go with the large breed puppy food.

We use Kirkland dog food, it is only 24% protein but it is also only 326 calories per cup and we supplement with real meat dog treats and fresh fruits and veggies.

6 This is a though one, but never laugh at them for something they shouldn't be doing, no matter how funny it is. Bassets love laughter as attention, if you laugh it becomes much harder to get them to stop later. There is a story I read by a top basset trainer who wanted to train a basset for master obedience competition. He was doing well, until at one high level competition his basset went to retrieve a glove (part of the test) and the basset got it's own ear by mistake and left the glove behind. The crowd laughed, and the dog loved it. From them on at every competition the dog would pick up it's own ear instead of the glove and play to the crowd. Last I read, he never did get that master obedience ribbon.


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